Photo Gallery: Our Egyptian Walking Onion Gardens

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Our Egyptian Walking Onions live in their perennial garden beds in sunny Palouse country in the state of Washington at an elevation of 2474 feet above sea level and a climate zone of 6. Every year our Egyptian Walking Onions dazzle and delight us with their spiraling branches, tiny flowers, and abundant clusters of sets. They are truly magical plants!

Egyptian Walking Onions with well developed topsets.

On the march.

Young plants in spring.

Branching out.

Encapsulated topsets.

Developing branches.

Snow won't hurt the Egyptian Walking Onions.

Guardian of the Egyptian Walking Onion patch.

Springtime Egyptian Walking Onion plants reach for the sky.

Topsets emerging from their paper capsule in the spring.

Stalks and branches.

Stalks and set clusters.

The edible Egyptian Walking Onion greens.

Dancing Egyptian Walking Onion plants.

Egyptian Walking Onion topsets in late spring.

Happy, healthy Egyptian Walking Onions.

Growing greens in the spring.

Topsets starting to form.

Thriving Egyptian Walking Onions in summer.

Mature Egyptian Walking Onion sets in the hazy summer sun.

The Egyptain Walking Onion greens are over 1 foot high in April.

A beautiful shade of green.

Young Egyptian Walking Onions with encapsulated topsets.

Egyptian Walking Onions walking across the garden.

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