Photo Gallery: Branches of the Egyptian Walking Onion

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Every Egyptian Walking Onion plant is unique. Sometimes these plants are called "Tree Onions" because of their snakelike branches which twist into spiraling shapes. Branches grow from a cluster of sets on top of the plant stalk.

Spiral branches.

Encapsulated branches.

"Loop" branch.

Another "loop" branch.

The Egyptian Walking Onion top setting, branching plant.

The fascinatingly beautiful Egyptian Walking Onion plant!

...and yet another "loop" branch.

Long branch.

"S" branch.

Another "S" branch.

Arching branches loaded with topsets.

A branch spiraling along the dimensions of the classic golden section.

Sanke-like branches of the Egyptian Walking Onion.

A "C" branch.

Baby branches still in their capsule.

Loop - d - loop!

White striped banches bursting forth.

Reach for the sky.

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