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All the photos in this website were taken by us with our own cameras with the exception of the photos in the section directly below. Please feel free to share our photos and use them in your blog or website. We ask in return only that you mention our website or link to our website. Please do not use our photos for sales purposes. Thanks!

Egyptian Walking Onions growing happily around the world!

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A 6 foot wide Egyptian Walking "onion ring"!
Planted by JD Provence in West Texas.


A well fertilized row of Egyptian Walking Onions.
Planted by Doris in Chino Valley, AZ.


Generations of Egyptian Walking Onions grow in
Whayne's garden in Ohio.

John's Egyptian Walking Onions growing in Davenport, Iowa.


Egyptain Walking Onion Calendar
A look at the annual life cycle of this perennial onion







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