Photo Gallery: Flowers of the Egyptian Walking Onion

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Some Egyptian Walking Onion plants bloom with tiny flowers in the spring. The flowers emerge side by side along with the topsets. The flowers are about 1/4" wide. They are white with a pea-green stripe on each petal. There are always 6 petals.

A white flower blooming above of a cluster of topsets.

Close-up of the delicate white flower with green stripes.

Two flowers budding atop a young cluster of topsets.

Flower buds branch off to the left and right.

A mini bouquet of Egyptian Walking Onion flower buds.

Another budding bouquet of flowers.

Egyptian Walking Onion plant in bloom.

Flowers and topsets growing together.

Beautiful Egyptian Walking Onion flowers.

Fancy Egyptian Walking Onion flowers.

Bright green immature seeds are visible in this mini bouquet of
Egyptian Walking Onion flowers. They will never develop into
mature seeds.

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