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Just wanted to let you know that my order arrived today in fine shape. I will be planting them after we get done with this dip in the temp we are having here this week. As they have always said around here, “don’t like the weather? Wait fifteen minutes, it’ll change”. The bulbils are excellent size, much larger than I expected! I used to have a crop of these, but they got lost in a move some time ago. These things are very hard to find. Thank you for making these available. If you would please notify me when you get some more of the white available. That is what I used to have 30 years ago, and they were fantastic in growth and flavor. I will be recommending you to others.
Again, thank you.

Muskogee, OK

Hi Onionhead!

I am very happy with my sets. I received more than I ordered and only a few did not "take", so I have lots of onions growing now. They have not started making babies yet, but I am eagerly awaiting the day. I would certainly recommend you to anyone who asks and I appreciate that you are such a good company which provides such excellent customer service (a rare thing these days).

Thanks for following up.

Galena, MO

I just checked and measured the sets I planted 6 weeks ago. They are 16 to 22 inches tall and very healthy looking. I believe I got 100% germination.

I'm looking forward to spring when I can taste them..We have had a dry spell (after the wettest summer in years) the past 3 weeks, but the onions are still going strong...

Thanks for sending such excellent quality sets.

Davenport, IA

I am very satisfied with my order. I'll probably be coming back to you for some more. I ordered some of these years ago from someone else and they were not near as good quality as yours. Thanks!

Saint Francisville, LA

My onions are doing GREAT. I just watered and counted and I have 14 up. Some are up to a foot or better tall. Green, firm, and very healthy.
They LOVE horse poop BTW!!

Thanks for asking! If you want a photo let me know!

Chino Valley, AZ

Thank you for offering these heirloom onions. I grew up with them. They were given to my parents and were over 50 years old then. After growing wild for 30 years, they were stolen out of my yard by a new and unscrupulous neighbor. Now I can get my onions back.

Bradley, OK

The sets I received are doing just fine. As a mater of fact, I intend to order more come spring. Thanks for asking.

Milwaukee, WI

My little onions seem very happy. The leaves are about 8 inches high and even survived our heavy freeze. I am eager to see their little tops this summer and give them a taste. Love your site, I return to it just as a reminder from time to time. Thank you again.

Normandy Park, WA

I received the lovely egyptian onions you sent. We are very pleased with your sets and look forward to doing business again.
Thanks again.
Marion A
Pinetree Garden Seeds

New Gloucester, ME

I bought and planted your sets last fall and they look beautiful this spring.

Thank you

Davenport Iowa


I'm so happy, I received the onions yesterday. Thank you so much for the extras.
I have planted some in the garden, some in the greenhouse and saved some for next year in case they fail.

One very happy customer.................



I happened upon your website while looking for information about my Egyptian Walking Onion plants. What a great site you have! It's really fun and informative and very well designed. And your photos are beautiful! I learned things about my onions that I never knew -- thanks!

Lindsey :)
Albuquerque, NM

I am now 64 years old and have managed beds of these onions since I was in high school. We bought a house that had a bed of these onions already growing. We used them in greens and in salads. When I moved out on my own a few sets went with me. The rest is history. I have spred them to friends and family and will always mention your website. I did not know what the onions were called until a few years ago when I started to search the internet. It is a great plant and takes very little effort to grow. As a matter of fact they will do better if just left alone for the first two to three years. You have a great web site. I have enjoyed it very much.


Many thanks for filling my order, enclosing the card and putting the sets in the onion bag. The package arrived well in time for Samir's birthday. We plant tomorrow. Looking forward to the results!!!

Thanks again,

I think it only took a couple of hours for me to place the order and hear you have already shipped it.
You are what internet business is all about. Some folks don't have any idea how to attract good business.
Thank you so much!!!

Jeff James

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