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Welcome to our online Plant Catalog!

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The plants in our Plant Catalog are available as bulbs, rhizomes, cuttings, rooted plants, dried plant parts, or seeds:

Bulbs: size varies depending on species. Bulbs may be dormant depending on time of year. Please research the plant you are purchasing so you are aware that it may be dormant.
Rhizomes: length varies from 2" to 4". They may have leaves and roots depending on time of year. They are essentially small "plants." They may be cut back for shipping purposes.
Cuttings: cuttings are 6" to 8" in length and will have 3 or more nodes. Cuttings do NOT have roots.
Rooted Plants: will have small roots which have grown in soil or water. Will be shipped bare root wrapped in damp paper.
Dried Plant Parts: fully dried and shipped in a zip lock baggie or a paper bag.
Seeds: you will get at least 50+ count per packet.

Service: we ship using the United States Postal Service Flat Rate Priority Mail Service.
Cost: shipping cost for one or two items is $5.50, and will be shipped in a small flat rate Priority mail box. Three or more items is $13.50, and shipped in a medium sized Priority mail box.
Our maximum shipping price is $16.00.
We will combine shipping, just ask! If your shopping cart shows a shipping charge that is too high, just send us an email ( and we will send you an invoice for your order with combined shipping. Shipping time for Plant
Time: Catalog items is 1-2 weeks or longer depending on the season. Some plants are freshly dug from the ground, so there may be a wait time for plants that are ordered in the winter when the ground is frozen.
Plant material may be treated with diatomaceous earth for insect control. Catnip will not be treated.

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